We Motor your Way

Operations management software for car distributors and dealer networks

We strongly believe that good quality data is the key to running any successful business

Motorway helps you to create actionable data as a byproduct of everyday work in real-time with no extra effort required.


Motorway is building business process automation solutions for car sales businesses. Our mission is to help companies importing and selling cars to transition from hindsight-driven and reactive management practices to prediction-based planning and proactive execution.
Motorway goes beyond keeping track of goods, resources and receivables. Our software service will provide you actionable decision support in real-time and empower you to actively manage your sales and revenue.

Easy to Use

You can use Motorway to power your omni-channel online car sales network and your customers will be able to configure and purchase cars with minimal attention from sales personnel. 
Cars in showroom, lot, transit or even cars that have not been manufactured yet, Motorway powered stores can sell them all.


Real-time situation updates

Online updates from dealers, daily updates from the factory

Reduced communication overhead

Focused messages boost communication efficiency 5 X or more!

Lightning fast sales

Make a detailed and personalised sales offer in 10 seconds!

High level of process automation

Employees have been liberated from non-productive tasks

Zero paperwork, no Excel sheets

On-demand access to holistic and centralised data repository

Enforced 100% error-free processing

Fully automated detection of order-delivery mismatches

Full control

Every bit of data is always accessible

We keep detailed data on all car-related events and transactions

Insight beyond cars on balance sheet

We cover much more than just the cars in current inventory

Full control over lifecycle of each car

Configure and track individual cars months before production

Everyday operations


Customer sales & pre-orders

  • Manage sales offers, follow-ups & pre-orders
  • Reserve cars over different warehouses
  • Streamlined communication with financers
  • Expedite stock turnover where possible
  • Follow and enforce CO2 quota if required

Logistics & stock management

  • Manage and track deliveries from factory
  • All cars accessible to every salesman
  • Internal multi-market vehicle exchange
  • Same system to cover demo and used cars
  • Track inspections and buy-back obligations

Factory order & manufacturing

  • Aggregate and confirm orders from dealers
  • Place factory production orders in bulk
  • Keep track of production status of each car
  • Automatically validate production specs
  • Automatically validate factory invoices

Handover & after sales

  • Enforce application of service campaigns
  • Manage PDI and car handover to customer
  • Automated registration in local DMV
  • Automated registration of start of warranty
  • Manage warranty claims and service events

Real-time reporting

Sales reports

  • Classic sales reporting and forecasting
  • Sales activities, pre-sale reservations
  • CO2 quota allocation and availability
  • Market share for production forecasting
  • Sales data required by local governments

Stock level reports

  • Sales forecasting and stock planning
  • Factory orders, estimated completion
  • Detailed overview of production process
  • Vehicles in transit, estimated time of arrival
  • Total stock, all warehouses, all dealers

Financial reports

  • Stock value, drilldown by warehouses
  • Actual production and delivery costs
  • Expected costs compared to actual costs
  • Order plan and commitment to factory
  • Buy-back commitment to financers


Motorway is a cloud-based service that can be set up to co-operate with your existing systems like Automaster or any system handling your finances. Roll-out is easy and does not require a complete overhaul of your business or IT. Our customer success specialists will assist you all the way and beyond.
Although we recommend to set up Motorway to cover the entire sales and distribution process complete with direct integrations to factory systems in order to achieve maximum effect for any market, Motorway can be used to cover just a certain part of the sales and distribution chain as well.


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